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biodiversity project

June 19, 2020

Dear Customers, with COVID measures easing, and having gotten an inch of rain in the last week, we are more at ease and thinking about long term projects. Our biodiversity focus for 2020 is extra wide verges with long grasses around the farm, plenty of food and habitat for insects and birds and as much wildflowers as possible. Its hard getting the balance right between taking from the soil and giving back to the wildlife. A recent advisor " The Bee Guy" told us that if we just take the pathways that we need in the fields and leave the rest to nature instead of leaving a small area to go wild and cut the rest back, it will make a big difference.Our autopilot response is to see wild areas as unkempt or neglected, untidy and irresponsible, however we now realise that those areas provide super habitats to all sorts of wildlife. Keep ordering your veg boxes and help us to keep progressing in our project to have a nature reserve on our farm. Pictured is our front field last week with marigold/calendula, phacelia and crimson clover ( not in flower yet).