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Our Services

Producers and distributors of Organic fruit and Vegetables


Beechlawn Organic Farm is recognised as a producer of the best quality organic vegetables in Ireland, bringing healthy food to our customers , grown by our team in a sustainable way. We are happy in our work

  • We grow our veg using only natural methods in Co. Galway. We also source organic veg from other Irish Growers and we import what we cannot buy here. We use nets to keep off pests and manure and seaweed soil feeds to fertilise the soil.
  • We grow over 20 different crops on our farm and employ a staff of 20 people (2019)
  • We try to use energy efficient and environmentally friendly methods of packing and distribution where possible.
  • We supply supermarkets with pre packed barcoded vegetables and fruit, we also sell loose bulk veg to wholesalers, market traders,  restaurants smaller shops and box scheme owners. 
  • Our office staff are very friendly and will always try to help when you phone, email or text us!
  • We harvest our veg from 7.30 or 8am Monday to Friday but need the orders by 8am to get the harvest in on time so we can pack and compile orders for the next day. Our van delivers to Dublin Galway Clare and Limerick  and a number of towns in between two days a week
  • We send other orders around Ireland via a courier and a chilled pallet distribution company.  We observe that our farm is a mini wildlife sanctuary so to support us for that reason alone is good for nature. Organic veg was proven to be more nutritious in a study done in the UK in 2014 see this link: www.soilassociation.org/whatisorganic
  • The veg we sell is also delicious, and most people notice a big difference in the taste. We hope you enjoy it too and welcome your valuable feedback.