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Overview about the Product

Large Christmas Box which includes:

4kg White Orla Potato, 750g Brussel Sprouts, 2kg Carrots, 1kg Parsnips, 750g White Onions, 500g Red Onions, Turnip 1pc, 500g Leeks, 500g Broccoli, Celery Bunch, Courgettes, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, 1 Head of Lettuce, 250g Mushrooms, 500g Sweet Potato, 400g Tomatoes, 250g Cherry Tomatoes, 50g Parsley, 50g Thyme, 1kg Red Cabbage, 1kg Apples, 1kg Oranges, 750g Pears, 1kg Cooking Apples, 500g Bananas, 300g Lemons if available.

Let us know if there any items that you would like to swap out

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Contents may vary.

Happy Christmas!!



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